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Few truths pertaining to Disruptive Tech & Innovation

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Change is the only constant thing in this world- this is expressed by a world famous quotation. This is especially true when we talk about technology and how the way we live in every day are altering. The amount of these technologies or companies could not be finite if we chose to compile them all, so I came up with list of some of them and especially those that I felt had a profound effect on my entire life. What I listed below are initiations that has massively changed my lifestyle and I work as a whole. Others have empowered me to realize things that I previously believed could not be done, while some of them have caused enhanced productivity. Let’s go through these unbelievable initiations and ‘s trust you appreciate reading the compilation.

Online file sharing has ever been a big dilemma for lots of people. Email might not have any trouble managing few MBs of attachments these days but syncing files between multiple computers used to be a big headache for most of us. Afterward Dropbox appeared. Dropbox totally transformed how we do our file organization and entirely revolutionized how many small businesses and firms function. More astoundingly, Dropbox considerably decreased storage prices to nearly non existent for most people and has entirely disrupted the whole Internet storage business. There are several other businesses like Microsoft, Google and Box who can arrange and save files but I favor Dropbox for its user-friendliness.

The concept of microblogging introduced to the Internet world by the microblogging site Twitter has undoubtedly caused a major disruption to the way companies are run online. People who use this site range from routine people to all those involved in entertainment, politics and news channels. Just about all users of the World Wide Web have felt their daily lives impacted by Twitter. In the political revolution that occurred in Egypt during the first phases of the Arab Springtime, Twitter played an important part in 2011. Another famous event linked to Twitter would be the “multibillion-dollar tweet” posted by a billionaire investor in 2013. In 2014, the FIFA World Cup event generated more than half a million tweets. Twitter continues to redefine the many things in our life including news journalism and political activism.

Almost every business is revolutionized by the smartphones, and the latest big goal is the Taxi business. GetTaxi is among the various startup that’s targeting this market. Following its footsteps, many new startups have emerged, which include UberTaxi and the likes of GrabTaxi. With the help of GPS locator, such programs try to link taxi drivers with the passengers in a more rapid and hassle-free way. One of the many complex features presented by such programs is the dynamic pricing model, which lets the cab rate to be corrected itself on the idea of the present market demand and supply scenario. Now folks make additional money and that have a car and can drive several hours a day can sign up on those services as a driver.


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I do attempt to stay updated with the newest technologies so I can remain applicable, although I am not technology savvy as such. Something technically new and innovative comes up nearly every day. Innovation knows no bounds and I am certain that will not stop for the foreseeable future. There will constantly be more disruptive innovations and more businesses being revolutionized. If there are any exciting technologies that you feel you must share with us, or you have some comments to make about what I shared here, please feel at liberty to drop new ones under.

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